Twój Styl

The company Twoj Styl (Your Style) has thrived since the year 2000. We arrange and design a wide variety of interiors for both residential and commercial properties in accordance with individual needs of our Clients. Our products are found in numerous houses, firms, institutions both in Poland and abroad. Our main area of expertise is kitchen furniture. The kitchens that we offer are produced with our customer's needs at heart as we strive to create a product that would emphasize your personality, style and taste. Patterns and aesthetic values are unquestionable attributes of Twoj Styl furniture. They give the possibility to create interior design that is unique, emphasizing the atmosphere of family gatherings. Before we started production we analyzed the market and familiarized ourselves with the Clients expectations. We know that there is no universal kitchen to cater for everybody's taste. The ideal kitchen should not only be beautiful but also functional. It should respond to aesthetic requirements of its owner, taking into account his/her individual needs and at the same time be affordable.

Welcome to Twoj Styl.

Our aim is to partake in creation of beautiful interiors. We employ a computer program called Cad Kitchens by the use of which You are able to see your future kitchen in the system of three-dimensional (3D) visualization.
Our production involves the use of the following raw materials: wood, veneer, foils, laminates – in vast range of colours.
In our company we employ professionals in the field of assembling with years of vocational experience. That allows us to undertake completion of more complex projects that require good familiarity of materials and technology of furniture production.